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MayaVi-1.4::Modules::Labels::Labels Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MayaVi-1.4::Modules::Labels::Labels:

MayaVi-1.4::Base::Objects::Module MayaVi-1.4::Base::Objects::VizObject MayaVi-1.4::Base::Objects::BaseObject

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Detailed Description

Displays text labels of input data.  When instantiated, the
class can be given a module name (the same name as listed in the
Modules GUI) or an index of the module (starting from 0) in the
current module manager.  If this is not provided the module will
ask the user to choose a particular module or choose filtered
data.  The module will then generate text lables for the data in
the chosen module and display it.  The module provides many
configuration options.  It also lets one turn on and off the use
of a vtkSelectVisiblePoints filter.  Using this filter will cause
the module to only display visible points.  Note that if the
module that is being labeled has changed significantly or is
deleted this Labels module will have to be updated by changing one
of the settings (like the RandomModeOn check button) to a
different value and then back to the original one.  Alternatively,
choose the module to be labeled again.

Definition at line 77 of file Labels.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def change_color
def change_contour
def change_opacity
def close_gui
def compact_opacity
def config_changed
def configure
def do_contour
def do_sweep
def load_config
def make_actor_gui
def make_auto_sweep_gui
def make_close_button
def make_contour_gui
def make_custom_gui
def make_label_gui
def make_main_gui
def make_other_gui
def make_pipeline_gui
def make_vis_pnt_gui
def represent_config
def save_config
def scalar_config
def select_module_gui
def set_linewidth
def set_n_points
def set_n_points_gui
def set_opacity_resolution
def SetInput
def show_pipeline
def sweep_delay_validate
def sweep_step_validate
def toggle_visible_points
def toggle_visible_points_gui

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _get_input_gui
def _set_input

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