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MayaVi-1.4::Misc::RenderWindow::RenderWindow Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for MayaVi-1.4::Misc::RenderWindow::RenderWindow:

MayaVi-1.4::Base::Objects::VizObject MayaVi-1.4::Base::Objects::BaseObject

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Detailed Description

Defines a simple wrapper for the vtkRenderWindow.  This the
class which is responsible for all the actual rendering. It is
also responsible for saving the scene to a image. 

Definition at line 69 of file RenderWindow.py.

Public Member Functions

def __del__
def __init__
def __init__
def add_actors
def close_gui
def config_camera
def config_changed
def config_lights
def config_ren
def config_renwin
def configure
def disable_render
def do_sweep
def enable_render
def get_active_camera
def get_light_manager
def get_render_window
def get_renderer
def get_vtk_render_window
def GetActiveCamera
def isometric_view
def lift
def load_config
def make_auto_sweep_gui
def make_close_button
def make_custom_gui
def make_main_gui
def make_pipeline_gui
def no_quit
def quit
def remove_actors
def Render
def reset_zoom
def save_bmp
def save_config
def save_gl2ps
def save_iv
def save_jpg
def save_oogl
def save_png
def save_ppm
def save_ps
def save_rib
def save_tiff
def save_vrml
def save_wavefront
def set_background
def show_pipeline
def sweep_delay_validate
def sweep_step_validate
def update_view
def x_minus_view
def x_plus_view
def y_minus_view
def y_plus_view
def z_minus_view
def z_plus_view

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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